How to be happy with yourself today

There is so much pressure to be perfect that it is difficult to know how to be happy with yourself. One could spend ALL of their time and money trying to measure up. But what if we measured our happiness with ourselves differently? 

What if ALL of our actions came from a place of gratitude? What if at the end of the day all that mattered is that you did your best and you were grateful?

When we are grateful we are able to show kindness, share love and light with others and take care of ourselves.

I think learning how to be happy with yourself begins with gratitude which extends into the small actions we take each day. Actions like starting the day with quiet time, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, slowing down and saying no to things we don't want.

For me I am most happy with myself when I go for a run in the A.M., shower and get dressed, eat instead of working through lunch and truly listen when my friends and family speak to me. When I am taking care of myself I find it is easier for gratitude to infiltrate my day and wow, gratitude is so powerful!

We would love to hear how you infuse gratitude into your day and/or what makes you feel happy with yourself. Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading. :)

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