I am capable

Hello friend,

I am capable.
I was talking to a good friend of mine Susie Ma about her success with her company, Tropic. She grew her skincare line to 80 million in 6 years, within the UK alone. I asked her how she got started, what she did in the early days etc... She told me about selling at flea markets as a teenager, hosting in-home parties with locals, making her own product right in her own kitchen. She also shared that she sacrificed a lot doing this.
“Success” doesn’t come easy. It takes a lot of sacrifices, work, and discipline, however, the reward of doing something you love replaces all of that!
When I asked her what her “I am” is??? She said, “I am Capable.” She went on to share that everyone is capable if we only will believe it! I believe it!!!! I am capable and so are you!!!!!

Light & Love,

April Reed @iam.aprilreed

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