I am enough

Hello friend,

I am enough

Raise your hand if you don’t feel like you’re enough?!?! 🙋🏼‍♀️Now put your hand down and say to yourself “I am enough” (repeat slowly 5 times to yourself).

Was that hard to do? If you answered yes, it is because your mind is telling your spirit that you are wrong. Well, how about your spirit (the God breathing source inside of you) tell your mind to be quiet and listen up!

Now say it again “I am enough”....if you are alone and can say it out loud, say it out loud “I am enough”. (Now 5 times out loud and each time louder) Amazing!!!!!!

How did it feel? Hopefully invigorating. The purpose of speaking truth over self is to practice it until you believe it and walk in it! I'm here to tell you, you are enough!!!!

Light & Love,

April Reed @iam.aprilreed

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