I am Light and Love... Positive Affirmations for You

Are you ready to tell yourself the truth?  Are you ready to feel like you deserve all of the good in your life and more?  Using positive affirmations every day has lead me to a happiness and self-love that I never thought possible.  I want to share my favorite "I am..." statements with you so that you can repeat them to yourself until you believe it.

Say it with me: I am light and love. 

Light - illuminates the darkness
Love - an experience of fulfillment

When you believe you are light and love and you allow it to come in or around you, you begin to believe you can do anything, be anything and have immeasurably more than you ever imagined.

This week as I experienced peace or focused on thriving, I felt my insides get excited about my future! Today as I meditate on light and love I see darkness fleeing and fulfillment manifesting!

There are so many lies to distract you from your true calling, purpose, and destiny. Today your truth is, YOU ARE FULL OF LIGHT AND YOU ARE FULL OF LOVE! 

Light and love,


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