I am Light & Love

Hello friend,

I am Light and Love
It was my daughter's birthday yesterday! 
I was reminded of how thankful I am for my past, present, and future and how there was always light and love in me and around me, even in the “dark times.” 
Without my past, I wouldn’t have my daughter to celebrate. Without my present, I wouldn’t have so much to be grateful for in all God has restored. Now, reflecting on the future I get so excited with hope and gratitude on how to raise her in the way she should go and teach her every day. She is full of Light and Love thanks to God. 
I have chosen to not let things of the past remind me of anything except for all I have to be thankful for and how there was always light and love present.
Today I am thankful, I hope you are too. Have a wonderful weekend. 



Light & Love,

April Reed


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