I am Light & Love

Hello friend,

I am Light and Love.
I always end our week with Light and Love because I think these are the epitome of who God is for us, in us, and through us. Light and love are both so powerful and change everything!
This morning I was thinking about how important it is to stand in the light and be light. Do you ever just sit outside and let the sun hit your face and feel its warmth? It illuminates your insides and naturally makes you feel happier. Can you relate?
People in your life can do the exact same thing. People that have so much light and love in them, that being around them makes you feel better, happier, and even inspired.
I was challenged to ask myself if I am producing light and love for others and reflecting light onto others by offering more love and joy! Today I am choosing to say “yes, April, You are Light and Love.” My source is my faith, so for me, I will stand in the light so I can be light. I will allow more love to come into me, so I can be love. I hope you join me as well. You, my beautiful friend, are full of light and love as well!

Light & Love,

April Reed

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