I am open to forgiving

Hello friend,

I am open to forgiving.
Defensiveness exists no matter what, but how do we position ourselves to listen, to hear and not be defensive? I believe it’s opening our minds and hearts to heal past internal wounds or offenses.
We become defensive because in the past someone or something hurt us and our protective nature kicked in to protect us so we don’t feel hurt again.
For example, in relationships do you find yourself arguing or becoming defensive over something that actually comes from a past relationship or past experience? Or maybe, at work, someone disrespected you, didn’t hear you, or didn’t value you, then when something occurs at your new job you become defensive because of past experiences?
I believe we can heal from these past hurts and begin to create a new destiny with fewer wounds.
My 3 simple steps to internal healing? Forgive, Forgive, Forgive. 😊 Forgiveness is so powerful. Sometimes not easy to do, but worth doing!
Today be open to forgiving and letting go of the past. Today is a new day and your future is bright and full of light and love!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!


Light & Love,

April Reed


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