I am unshakable

Hello friend,

I am unshakable.
If we woke up every morning and spoke over ourselves that we are unshakable, imagine what we could accomplish for the day!
Not to be shaken by the economy, not to be shaken by bad behavior we’ve been tolerating, not be shaken by what’s in our bank account. Instead to be absolutely unshakeable. Firm in what we believe. Overcoming our fears with faith that moves mountains. A solid knowing that we are going to be okay.
I am unshakable! No matter what life throws at me, I know my foundation is firm. Standing on a firm foundation helps me face the day and be resilient to the potential negative that might come my way.
You, my friend, are unshakeable, you’ve got this, have a wonderful day!

Light & Love,

April Reed


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