I Am Worthy... Positive Affirmations for You

Do you use positive affirmations on a daily basis?  You should!  I started doing this years ago to change my outlook and boost my confidence.  The results have been nothing short of amazing!  I have grown a family a 4 beautiful children after years of infertility struggles, started a multi-million dollar business, pushed through a heart-wrenching divorce, started my passion project devoted to helping women (Illuminative!), found my soul-mate and I feel like I'm only just beginning...

Every day I wake up and say two words.  I am...  I then fill in the blank with whatever words I need that day to remind myself of who I know I am and who God designed me to be.  I look at myself in the mirror and say it.  I repeat it in my head throughout the day.  I journal about those words every morning.  

I even started doing this with my four children from a very early age.  I tell them "You are... kind, smart, loved, brave, full of grace..." Whatever words I thought they needed to hear and know about themselves.  They are all old enough now to tell me what their "I am..." statement is and it melts my heart to hear them speak in such a positive way about themselves. Even better is that I KNOW THEY BELIEVE THOSE WORDS.


YOU can do this.  It's simple.  It's easy.  It's free.  Remind yourself every morning and throughout the day that you are the words that you want to be.  Repeat after me. I am generous. I am creative. I am healed.  I am capable.  I am grateful.  I am beautiful.

When you have time to reflect, you can think about what each of those words mean and how they apply to you.  What's YOUR story?  Here's an example of how I reflect on a word and how I know that I am WORTHY.


To be worthy is to have desirable qualities and be recognized for them.

We each have qualities that are worthy, and worth recognizing! I realized that I don't spend enough time "seeing" them in myself and then speaking over myself that I am worthy. 

Today, I want to take time seeing my worth and value.  Take this moment right now and find one worthy thing about yourself...

  • Your Kindness
  • Your Strength
  • Your Perseverance
  • Your Patience
  • Your Resilience

You, my friend, are worthy and so am I!!!  Taking time to see your worth will lead you further into greatness!

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