Positive Affirmations for You: I Am Living In Abundance

Positive affirmations have changed my life and given me the fulfillment that I always knew I deserved.  Two little words, "I am..." can have immeasurable power and I want to share the words that I say to myself to manifest what I believe is true. Try it yourself and start today with this phrase:

I am living in abundance.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are living in abundance? If not, ask yourself right now. I can assume you quickly said “no” or “I wish” or “that lot in life hasn’t been give to me....” Well, I don’t believe that at all!!!

What if you woke up every morning and started to say “I am Living in Abundance.” If you started to focus on abundance, speak abundance, see in your mind's eye abundance! Do you not believe that God desires for us to have an abundant life?

No matter what faith you have, each religion speaks to walking in true abundance!!! One of my favorite scriptures says that God desires to give me immeasurably more then I could ever ask or imagine! WHAT?!?! Even more than I can imagine?!? I am ALL IN!!!

You were created to have an abundant life! I am created to have an abundant life! We are created to have an abundant life! Now say it with me “I am living in abundance!” Yes you are!

Well done.  Now have a great day!!!


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