You are confident

Hello friend, 

You are confident.
Do you know the difference between being confident and not being confident?It’s simple. It’s all about what you believe.
If someone has broken your trust, you lose confidence. If someone has told you, you aren’t good enough, smart enough, loved enough...” you lose confidence in yourself.
Every day there is a reason to lose confidence.... but there is an answer! God tells you, you are enough. He says you are loved. He says you are smart. He says you are brave. He says you are victorious. He says He will take care of you, comfort you, and be with you!
Your confidence can’t come from “man,” it has to come from God!!!! It has too! I am confident because I know who God says I am!!! No matter what happens in life, it’s okay, I will stay confident because I AM CONFIDENT!

Light & Love,

April Reed @iam.aprilreed



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