You are Light & Love

Hello friend,

You are Light and Love.
Happy Friday. If every day was full of never-ending Light and never-ending Love, would you sign up for that? I would!!!
I believe that is the life we are supposed to have now and forever, on this side of heaven. You are probably thinking “Sure April, but there is a lot of pain, hurt, and negativity that happens in this world and life every day”. Yep, I know and I address all of this in my FREE 21-day challenge. What it means, how it can activate your purpose and how to not let it control you.
If we only get one life, we might as well make it the best life for ourselves as possible!!!! Not one more day, having a mediocre life. You, my friend, are made to be full of Light and Love and to walk in the fullness of Light and Love! Have a wonderful weekend.

Light & Love,

April Reed @iam.aprilreed

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