You are unstoppable and blessed

Hello friend,

You are unstoppable and blessed
I often listen to podcasts or YouTube videos for inspiration. Yesterday I was listening to a motivational video that reminded me that I am unstoppable and blessed.
I challenged myself and asked “April, do you really believe this?” Did I believe that no matter what I faced, what reality I was living in, whatever negative curveball came at me that I was 1.) unstoppable and 2.) blessed...YES!!! I did!!!!!!
Personally, I am unable to be unstoppable and blessed without my Faith. I have to let go and let God. I think we fail and fall so many times because we try to do things on our own. We aren’t designed to do things alone!
You, my friend, are unstoppable and blessed! You truly are! If someone hasn’t told you that lately, then I pray that this touches you, speaks to you, and encourages you! You were made for more!!!

Light & Love,

April Reed


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