You are warm-hearted

Hello friend,

You are warm-hearted.

I can think of times in my life where my heart was not warm, if we are all honest there are many times we can probably say that. BUT what I’ve learned over the years is that when I let the ice melt off my heart because of hurt or disappointments, the feeling of a warm heart wins every time.

Two ways I try to keep a warm heart is to stay in a place of forgiveness with anyone and everyone. Secondly is to ask for love the way I feel loved. (Do the 5 love language quiz) I don’t wait for the love to come to me I ask for it so I can feel loved all the time and anytime. You have a warm heart, you are incredible my friend! Forgive if you need to and then ask for love from whom you need to be loved. Well done!!!

Light & Love,

April Reed @iam.aprilreed


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