The 3 Reasons You SHOULD Get Dressed While We Are Staying at Home

by: LeeAnn, lead stylist at

Things are upside down and there isn’t a lot of normalcy right now. Many of us are working from home, home-schooling our kids or even not able to work during this time. Why should we “get dressed” every day when we don’t have to go into the office and be around people? 

You might be asking yourself “what’s the point?” and sticking to the pjs/yoga pants routine. (You might also be someone who asks “why make the bed when I’m just going to mess it up again tonight?” LOL!)

If you’re like me, being stuck at home, working at my kitchen table on my laptop, you may have a case of the “blahs” when it comes to getting ready in the morning. You might be in a clothing rut because 1. No one is going to see you today 2. You aren’t going anywhere and 3. If you are at home all day, you just want to be comfortable.

I get it. Even as a personal stylist that LOVES clothes and putting together outfits, my desire to get into a “real” outfit (as opposed to running shorts and a tank top) has dwindled. Before, I was on a strict tight schedule and I made getting ready for the day a priority that had it’s own time slot early in the morning. But that schedule has gone out the window.  

I’ve had to be flexible and with everyone in the family at home now, my personal time has taken a hit. Now I am lucky if I’m able to carve out 15-20 mins to actually put together an outfit, do my makeup and fix my hair.  

The point is that I do try to “get dressed” a few times a week (especially on days when I know that I will be on camera!). It turns out that those days are the ones that I feel my best. Here are 3 benefits and reasons that you SHOULD get dressed while we are staying at home.

  1. SELF-CARE IS IMPORTANT.  I realize everyone is in a different situation, but I’ve got a husband, 5 kids and a dog at home with me every day.  The workload has tripled- more cooking, more cleaning, more attention needed, more interruptions, more grocery shopping…. more, more, more. I also work from home about 25 hours a week. If time is our most valuable asset, I am dirt poor. 

Trying to do ALL THE THINGS made it easy for me to push “blow dry my hair” or “put on anything other than workout gear” to the bottom of the list. I was taking the easy way out because I couldn’t possibly put my needs before anyone else’s. (Anyone of you feel me on this???)

I realized after a couple of months that I hadn’t once thought about what I was going to wear that day.  I was no longer scouring the sales at my favorite stores or getting inspired by stylists on Pinterest. My beautiful closet full of clothes was gathering dust.

I decided to start getting dressed in real clothes again at least 3 times a week. I usually start with the days that I know I will be on a Zoom call or need to run to the grocery store. Meaning- when other people will see me!  Putting on mascara, trading in my ball cap for the hair-dryer and actually picking out clothes that are cute but also functional has improved my attitude about this time at home dramatically!

When I get dressed, I feel a sense of normalcy and a renewed sense of pride in myself and the way I look.  It’s easy to feel down on yourself when you look in the mirror and don’t love what you see.  Taking care of yourself (even if it’s on a smaller scale) can lead to an increase in self esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

  1. ROUTINE = NORMALCY. Nothing in the world today is routine or normal. We are all dealing with constant change and the need to pivot.  So, while it may have been fun to stop getting dressed when the quarantine took effect, and everyone was sharing photos in their favorite pjs and yoga pants, we lost the stability that we as humans crave.  

I know that I was loving the laid-back lifestyle look when I thought we might have to stay home a few weeks.  But as time wore on, and being at home for work and school turned into an indeterminate amount of time, I realized that the fun vacation feeling was wearing off.  

I just don’t feel GOOD when I’m not dressed and ready for the day.  Pjs and running shorts are for relaxing and workouts- not for running a household or working. Making it a point to take the time for yourself and to put in the effort can fulfill the routine that most people crave.  

(I do realize that I will get a little backlash here from those of you that do not do well with structure or schedules- and that’s ok!  We all still have to put something on our bodies every day. Why not make it something that makes you feel good?)

As I mentioned, I made a deal with myself to shoot for 3 days of actual outfits that aren’t made of spandex or have drawstring waists.  Those 3 days are all I really need right now to still feel like a normal person.

  1. CONFIDENCE LEVELS HIGH.  When I worked as a personal stylist, my favorite clients were moms who had all but stopped paying attention to themselves.  They made sure their kids were wearing adorable clothes that were clean and probably cost more than mine.  But they just didn’t “have the time” to get dressed themselves.  

They didn’t want to put too much effort into piecing together flattering outfits, shopping for themselves or wearing anything that wasn’t deemed “comfortable” (By the way, us Stylists do not like that word. Every woman will tell you that she just wants to be comfortable. As if I am going to suggest she wear a skin-tight mini dress made of itchy wool and chainmail. LOL!). 

More often than not, these women were so down on themselves. I’ve heard all the excuses as to why they are not getting dressed in real outfits everyday: “I’m waiting until I lose 10 more pounds”, “When my kids are a little older and don’t need me as much”, “when I actually have time to shop”…. All of these reasons just screamed to me that they did not feel as though they deserved the attention and effort!

So, let me tell you how they felt after I convinced them that they COULD find the time to get dressed, they COULD put together flattering outfits, and they COULD dress for the body they have right now. Confidence levels soared!!! I saw smiles and pride. I would get selfies sent to me with outfits they had put on. I would get texts because they were out shopping for themselves and wanted to show me what they found.

It has been proven time and again that getting dressed and pulling yourself together increases our levels of confidence. It’s just the mood booster that we need to get through a busy day- even one spent mostly at home.  

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you pick out an outfit, put it on and feel better about yourself. I do think you might be disappointed if you run to the corner store for bread and someone you know sees you in those sweatpants. Again. But hey, I also make my bed- every single day- so do whatever works for you and makes you happiest during your time at home!

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