From the lips of the Luminaries.

“The mission of Illuminative is without a doubt what drew me to this company.

There are a lot of social selling companies out there but the difference with Illuminative is that while other companies focus on you and what you are able to achieve, Illuminative is focused on helping the women around you to live an abundant life. When you believe the truth about who you were created to be, you begin to act differently and live a life that shines from the inside out. To be able to be a part of this in any way is such a privilege. And to make real money doing it is a huge blessing!”

Faith Joyner - Luminary

From the lips of the Luminaries.

"I fell in love with the mission before I even saw a piece of the clothing. The mission is to empower women to feel better about themselves. To affirm that they can be so much more than they believe. I love that. I think that is the coolest part because we all struggle with it. We're human and we have doubts and it nice to be able to help someone feel better about themselves. I love that fact that April's mission is to give women something that they can use to better themselves- and that's the business. To be handed a business that is pre-packaged and ready to go was a huge selling-point for me because I don't know how to start or run a business and getting the training from people who do and by giving an awesome product to sell- that all really speaks to me.

What I love most about the collection is that, as a plus-size woman, there is so much for me to wear. My 17 year old daughter and I can wear the same outfit and both look amazing in it. I love that I can mix and match the pieces with my own wardrobe.


I love the business end. I teach dance so I cannot devote as much time to the business as I would like to. But, I've done multiple direct sales companies in my life and I've never made a huge paycheck. This is the first time that I feel like "Oh Wow! I'm getting something back from this!" That is really cool because I'm putting in about 2 hours a day and I'm seeing a great return. I love going out and spending time with other women and talking to them. I love giving them my story and sharing my "Why". That's what makes me love Illuminative."

Greta Hicks - Luminary

From the lips of the Luminaries.

"Illuminative provides a community for women to come together to share stories, laugh, cry, and make true connections. Everyone has a story and every story is different. And if your like me, you don’t always like to share your story. But through Illuminative, it has allowed me to open up and become vulnerable and share my story. I’ve made connections with women that I may never had that opportunity to if I had not become part of this amazing movement.


Growing up I always thought of myself as a confident, strong, independent person. But one day it happened - I became a victim of domestic violence. Everything I thought about myself flew out the window and I thought of myself as weak, not good enough, and ugly. Even though I knew deep down this was not my fault, I always wondered, “how could I let this happen?”. It has taken me years to finally feel that I was enough, that I am beautiful, I am brave, I am strong. Through Illuminative's clothing, their affirmations, these ‘I am” statements stay with you throughout the day. Why? Because they are on what we wear every day, clothes and accessories.. These clothes are a powerful vehicle that constantly remind me to be what I believe."

Ginelle Blais - Luminary

From the lips of the Luminaries.

"Because of Illuminative, I finally have everything I've been looking for in a business. I love encouraging and empowering others to be free to be themselves and to know what is true. I love offering clothing and accessories that make women feel good about themselves. And I love having a way to earn significant income for my family with the few hours I have to work around them each week. I have all of this through this company, and I am so thankful and excited.

Within my first month and a half in business, I made back my initial investment. What I have found is that people need this message, and they love our clothes.


I love to make note of how people feel when they come in to an Illuminative event and again when they leave. They leave encouraged, refreshed, and thankful. What a privilege to be a part of that."

Kristen Vencel - Luminary

From the lips of the Luminaries.

"Having been in the social/direct selling business for nearly 10 years, I was ready for a change. I was burned out and nearly defeated. After speaking with April and discovering the vision of illuminative, and the concept of “I am” statements, a spark was reignited in me. I knew this was a company that I needed to be a part of.


I have never seen as much support and a genuine desire to help consultants succeed as I have with Illuminative. The executive team has created a top-notch training academy as well as a solid support system for anyone who has the desire to succeed in this business. The opportunities with Illuminative are endless and I am nothing short of thrilled to be a part of this movement!"

Jessica Queen - Luminary

From the lips of the Luminaries.

"I’ve been through a lot. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve felt a lot. Abuse, addiction, trauma, racism, self-hatred. We all have gone through something. I happen to have gone through most everything. And I would say the most valuable thing I can do in response to these experiences is share my story. I want other women to learn, grow and empathize with my testimony. To understand you are not alone and there is a way to get to the other side of these situations.

I knew this was my calling long before I learned of Illuminative. So when this opportunity was gently placed in my lap, I could not deny God’s hand and calling. I knew I was made to be a part of this movement. A movement that has everything to do with encouraging and empowering women to be who God created them to be! To defeat the lies of ourselves and our pasts and move forward, as resilient, strong, valuable women confident in who we are. It’s a beautiful and rare thing to find a community of women who are for you, who long for your success, who thirst for vulnerability and love you no matter what. With Illuminative, I’ve found just that."
Sara Olmann - Luminary